“Green Packaging” initiative

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In order to promote the recycling of packaging and the incorporating of circular economy principles in the packaging production and product packaging, Latvijas Zaļais punkts has created the initiative and trademark “Green Packaging”.

What is the "Green Packaging"

The aim of the “Green Packaging” initiative and trademark is to ensure that businesses use recyclable packaging for their products, which people can sort and be sure that it will be recycled into new raw materials.


Who can apply for “Green Packaging” certification

10 criteria for the assessment of certification

If companies reach the required score and receive a positive “Green Packaging” expert opinion during the certification process, they are given the opportunity to use the “Green Packaging” trademark on their product packaging, which distinguishes it in the eyes of consumers and demonstrates that the producer uses recyclable packaging.

The initiative is implemented by AS Zaļais punkts in cooperation with the Latvian Packaging Association and the Latvian University of Agriculture. It will include a range of activities aimed at reducing packaging, promoting the reuse and recycling of packaging waste and eco-design. There are also educational activities planned to raise public awareness of the importance of sustainable packaging and to encourage people to choose products and services from socially responsible producers.

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