Management of packaging and disposable tableware and accessories

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If your company is the first in the territory of the Republic of Latvia to sell or use packaged goods in its business activities, to add packaging to the product when providing a service, and this packaging reaches the recipient of the service after the service has been provided, or to sell disposable tableware and accessories in public catering and retail, then by concluding an agreement with Latvijas Zaļais punkts you will receive an exemption from Natural Resources Tax on packaging and disposable tableware and accessories.

Types of packaging material and disposable tableware and accessories that qualify for exemption from NRT:

Material typePackaking (primary, secondary, and tertiary)Disposable tableware and accesories
Paper, cardboard

If your business produces more than 300 kg of packaging per year, you are obliged to recycle the packaging, i.e. as part of the LZP service.

To receive an exemption from NRT, contact the LZP sales team.

Natural resources tax exemption fromAgreement must be concluded by
I quarter (1st January)10th November
II quarter (1st April)10th February
III quarter (1st July) 10th May
IV quarter (1st October)10th August

Latvijas Zaļais punkts partners obtain the right to use the Green Dot trademark, which is the most commonly used trademark in the world, and certifies the responsibility of the producer or importer to recycle packaging waste (link to the Green Dot trademark section).

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