Sorting waste

Recycling waste

Recyclable materials, such as PET bottles, glass bottles and jars, paper and cardboard, electrical appliances, batteries and other man-made waste, have a certain life cycle, just like people or other living organisms.

Recycling of plastic

We encourage people to support recycling and sort any household polyethylene packaging. The sorted polyethylene bags and film can be disposed of in waste recycling bins or by taking them to a waste sorting site. Addresses of these sites are stated on the map of waste sorting sites published by the Latvijas Zaļais Punkts. Waste management companies will ensure that all sorted polyethylene packaging is taken for recycling at Nordic Plast.



Recycling of glass jars and bottles


One tonne of recycled glass raw material saves one tonne of quartz sand and 250 kg of soda ash. However, to be able to save these resources, used-up glass packaging should be discarded into the appropriate waste recycling bins. It is important to remember that it is only allowed to use sorting containers for glass packaging, such as bottles and jars. Glassware, china, stoneware, mirrors or window glass should not be thrown into the containers. Waste management companies will take the glass packaging from the containers to the recycling companies. 



Paper recycling

Cellulose fibres can be recycled up to seven times. This is why it is important to put any recyclable paper, such as newspapers, magazines, office paper and cardboard boxes, in the corresponding recycling bin. The waste management company will take care of further processing of the paper. The company will collect the paper and cardboard packaging from the recycle bins and take it to a sorting line, where it will be further sorted by type and separated from any impurities. The sorted cardboard and paper will then be compressed into bales and taken to a processing plant.



Recycling of electrical appliances

Processing of old electrical appliances begins by delivering them to a sorting site. There are more than 50 waste sorting sites in Latvia of this kind. Any electrical equipment taken to a sorting site must not be disassembled, for example, a refrigerator should come complete with a compressor, and a TV set with a picture tube and a computer with a motherboard. At waste sorting sites, worn out electrical appliances are accepted from people free of charge.



Recycling of batteries, car tires and accumulators

Batteries, car tires, accumulators, lubricating oils and filters contain substances that are harmful to people and the wildlife. Handling these goods incorrectly or negligently after they are worn out harms the environment and the human health. Dangerous goods should not be placed together with household waste, in the woods or elsewhere in nature and must be dropped off at designated places.

Batteries can be taken to sales outlets and waste sorting sites, and special containers for collecting worn out batteries are placed at 3,000 commercial and educational institutions across Latvia. Waste collected in these containers is taken to recycling plants. There, any useful components (such as reusable rubber, non-ferrous and ferrous metals, etc.) will be separated from the collected products before final disposal in an environmentally sound manner. These components will be used later for new production. For example, one tonne of batteries can be used to recover 270 kg of manganese dioxide, 210 kg of iron, 160 kg of zinc, and 60 kg of carbon.

By taking used-up batteries, oils and tires to designated places, not only we care about the quality of the environment and our health, but we also help save valuable resources.

Waste recyclers   

The Latvijas Zaļais punkts recommends partners that offer suitable solutions for the recycling of waste and secondary resources.


AS „PET Baltija” -  the only PET recycling plant in Latvia and the largest PET recycling plant in the Baltic States. The company specialises in the recycling of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles and produces high quality PET flakes.

SIA „Nordic Plast" - one of the leading recycling companies in the Baltic States, which recycles used polyethylene LDPE film and HDPE hard plastics.CEMEX plant receives a part of all tires collected in Latvia and uses them as fuel.

CEMEX - recycles automotive oils, worn-out car tires, batteries, etc.

SIA „EKO Osta” - recycles automotive oils, worn-out car tires, batteries, etc.