Sorting waste

Waste collection

Management of sorted waste containers is provided by waste management companies that empty sorted waste containers separately from household waste containers.

The contents of containers for cardboard and plastic are often collected together, because this way it has an ecological and economical advantage. These materials are sorted by type on the sorting lines.

Glass packaging is not collected in the same car as cardboard and plastic packaging, because broken glass might get stuck in the cardboard or plastic and it will no longer be possible to separate them. Therefore, household waste, plastic and cardboard containers are sorted separately.

If containers for packaging waste contain a large amount of household waste, their contents can be collected in the same car and transported to a landfill.

If the contents of containers for sorted waste at your home are collected together with household waste wrongly, please contact your waste management company to inform them about each particular case and to find out why this has happened.

Watch a video of recycling bins being emptied