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Natural resource tax

The goal of natural resource tax is to promote efficient use of natural resources, limit environmental pollution, reduce production and sales of products that are harmful to the environment, promote the implementation of new environmentally friendly technologies, support sustainable economic growth, and provide financial support for environmental protection measures.

Companies that have a valid agreement with the Latvijas Zaļais punkts receive a 100% natural resources tax exemption.

The Natural Resources Tax Law states that natural resources tax should be paid by those companies that do their business in Latvia and:

  1. Sell goods in packaging;
  2. Use purchased packaged goods in the course of their economic activities;
  3. When providing services of any kind, add packaging to the product, and after the provision of the service, the packaging remains with the client;
  4. Use disposable tableware and accessories in catering and retail;
  5. Sell or use in the course of their economic activities any goods harmful to the environment (oils, tires, batteries, etc.);
  6. Sell or use in the course of their economic activities any electrical or electronic equipment.

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