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Latvijas Zaļais punkts trademark

The Green Dot is a protected, internationally registered and the world’s most used mark. Statistics show that the EU countries alone use the Green Dot mark on more than 640 billion packages annually, since this can almost be considered a mandatory requirement for a product to be competitive.

Use of the Green Dot mark on a product purchased in Latvia confirms that the manufacturer or importer of the product has paid for the collection and recycling of packaging waste in Latvia.

The right to use this trademark in Latvia belongs to AS Latvijas Zaļais punkts that has a valid licence agreement with PRO Europe. PRO Europe unites 33 national packaging waste management systems that use the Green Dot trademark.


The Green Dot trademark is legally protected and AS Latvijas Zaļais punkts is the sub-licensee of this trademark in Latvia. The Green Dot trademark may only be used on packaging by companies that have a valid agreement with the Latvian Green Dot for the management of packaging. 


Preču zīmes „Zaļais punkts” lietojuma noteikumi (The Green Dot trademark Terms of Use)

Zaļā punkta preču zīme (jpg) (The Green Dot trademark)

Zaļā punkta preču zīme (eps) (The Green Dot trademark)