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Green Dot in other countries

The Latvijas Zaļais punkts is a member of the European Green Dot PRO Europe(Packaging Recovery Organisation Europe s.p.r.l.) umbrella organisation.

PRO Europe unites 33 national packaging management systems awarding Green Dot trademark licences and maintaining it as a single European trademark.

PRO Europe provides experience and information exchange among its member organisations and the lobbying and representation of their interests in the European Union institutions.

Each year the Latvijas Zaļais punkts participates in events and workshops organised by PRO Europe to share experience regarding waste collection, sorting and recycling issues in Latvia, discusses industry challenges and solutions, and listens to positive experiences and proposals from member organisations of other countries.

At conferences organised through the participation of PRO Europe, international companies share their experience in the implementation of European Union directives, e.g. reduction of packaging weight per unit or using recyclable or compostable packaging. Positive examples are transferred to partners and clients of member organisations.

In addition, the Latvijas Zaļais punkts holds annual and quarterly workshops for new and existing customers, where partners receive information about current events in the industry in the domestic and international markets, as well as about any planned changes to the European Union directives and plans of the Latvijas Zaļais punkts.

Latvijas Zaļais punkts provides its clients with advice regarding the experience of other countries and regulatory requirements in the area of waste management, as well as helps the clients to conclude agreements with the Green Dot organisations of other countries.