About us

Our principles of operation

Latvijas Zaļais punkts organises recycling of used packaging, electrical goods and environmentally harmful products on behalf of companies in accordance with a multi-year action plan approved by the Latvian Environmental Protection Fund.

Availability of an efficient system for collecting packaging, worn out electrical equipment and environmentally harmful products for all residents of Latvia

The objective of the Latvijas Zaļais punkts

AS Latvijas Zaļais punkts (the Latvian Green Dot) was established on January 11, 2000 and it is the most experienced producer responsibility organisation in Latvia. Since its creation, Latvijas Zaļais punkts has taken care of the management of packaging waste. Since 2006, the Latvijas Zaļais punkts is also responsible for the management of worn out electrical equipment and goods harmful to the environment.

Society united for a responsible treatment of the environment

The vision of the Latvijas Zaļais punkts

The Latvijas Zaļais punkts cooperates with waste management organisations (WMO) across Latvia, which provides the opportunity to make separate waste collection available throughout the country and promote public education by involving various regional and city authorities.

Develop long-term solutions to preserve a clean environment for future generations

The mission of the Latvijas Zaļais punkts

Waste management companies provide collection of recyclable materials by setting up and emptying waste sorting bins, and by setting up and maintaining areas for collecting electrical appliances and goods harmful to the environment. The Latvijas Zaļais punkts provides financial assistance to collect recyclable raw materials and to carry out public education and awareness activities regarding the necessity and opportunities for sorting waste in municipalities.

Values of the Latvijas Zaļais punkts

  1. Single availability of services: the clients need to have services available in one place. Professional staff and easy communication with the company.
  2. A stable, professional company offering efficient service management, the company’s employees are experts in their fields, and the company operates in accordance with business ethics principles.
  3. Clean and tidy environment and social responsibility: rational use of natural resources, waste sorting on a daily basis, and collecting electrical appliances and environmentally harmful goods for recycling. Organising and supporting educational events; sustainable development. Common benefits to the society; taking responsibility for own actions.

Quality and environmental management policy of the integrated management system of the Latvijas Zaļais punkts

The goal of the Latvijas Zaļais punkts is to comply with the regeneration standards laid down in the EU directives through performing the following actions:


  • Implementation of voluntary producer responsibility principles in the management of packaging waste, environmentally harmful products and electrical and electronic equipment waste.
  • Optimisation of the environmental protection and waste management process.
  • Development of a long-term strategy for the implementation of regeneration programmes of packaging waste, environmentally harmful products and electrical and electronic equipment waste and public education on efficient use of resources.

The Latvijas Zaļais punkts is helping the State meet its obligations regarding separate collection of waste and recycling using a management system which is in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 International standards.